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HCG Wholesale Pricing For Your Company


     HCG Direct offers some of the best original HCG formula prices in the industry.  We make sure that each customers receives pricing that best suits their needs and business structure.  .

     We realize that a one size fits all model doesn’t work in today’s competitive marketplace.  That’s why we work to make sure your business can stay competitive with our tiered pricing program.


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Private Label Services To Be More Competitive


     HCG Direct gives you the ability to offer HCG private label to your customers.  If you want to build your brand image then private labeling is the way to go.

    We offer free private label services for all orders of 50 units or larger.  For smaller orders we can offer these services at a discounted rate.

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                hcg RETAIL                                                  SARMs

     Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators

Order HCG Retail And Save Big


     We offer retail pricing to the public as well as our wholesale program.  All orders come with free shipping to any US destination along with same day handling.

    When you place your order with us we will ship it out the same day as your order is placed.

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Order SARMS - Ostarine from Our Site Wicked Nutrition Labs


     Get the latest and most cutting edge supplement to hit the bodybuilding industry.  SARMs has proven to be one of the most sought after supplement of our lifetime.  We offer SARMs or some know as ostarine on our other site called Wicked Nutrition Labs.

     SARMs is offered in 90 Count Capsule bottles.  There are specials going on right now that can help you save big when you bundle your order and get multiple bottles.  Check out Wicked Nutrition Labs and see for yourself.

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 At HCG Direct we strive to offer our clients the type of pricing and service that meets the needs of their business.  We understand that there are no two business that are alike.  It’s for this reason that we do everything we can to add value to your company.  Wether it be through our HCG wholesale pricing or by offering your private label services, we make sure that your business has the best chance possible to succeed.  When you first start working with HCG Direct you will get a complimentary full analysis of what your business needs when it comes to pricing and brand recognition.  


When we find a pricing plan that works for you then we will work with you on creating a brand name if that’s what you are wanting to accomplish.  Our professional design team will put together a label design that works for you and your vision.  If your goal is to become a huge business that spans across the globe then we can help.  If you are looking at marketing on Instagram or maybe just at a local level then we can help with that as well.

Not all HCG wholesale companies are created equal and we feel it’s our responsibility to make sure that our customers are given the best chance for success.  We feel the best way we can help with this is by offering services that others don’t.  We have one of the most powerful HCG supplements on the market.  HCG Plus has become very well known in the industry as one of the leading HCG supplements available.

One of the most beneficial services that we offer to our clients is the ability to offer private label services at no charge to our customers.  These private label services are given to our clients at no charge for all orders of 50 units or larger.  One of the great things with private labeling is how it will bring a band image to your company.  The benefit that private labeling gives you is that it allows you to retain more of your customers as they become loyal followers of your product.  This retention will help you have a lasting and prosperous business.


Our Team is here and ready to help you with your business today. We have some of the hardest working and dependable staff in the industry. Our hard working employees are dedicated to making sure that every customer is treated like our largest customer. We feel that each and every one of our customers are an integral part of what makes us work as a company. Our staff members regularly attend training and informational seminars to enhance their ability to provide unequaled service and knowledge.


Give us a call today and talk with one of our helpful staff members to see what they can do for you today!!!



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Amazing Staff!!!

The crew at HCG Direct has always been very helpful.  Thank you for making my transaction go as smooth as possible.

Janet D.
Owner, Dallas TX